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Keith Bishop


Producer - Director - Director of Photography
Editor - Writer - Colorist

Email: KeithBishop@Exit172.com


Keith Bishop is an award winning filmmaker for his work on "3 Minutes to Air" as Producer, Director, Cinematographer, & Writer with his partner John Hedlund. Keith Bishop and John Hedlund produce content through their company Exit 172 Productions LLC.

"3 Minutes to Air"

Produced, Directed, Written, & Edited by John Hedlund and Keith Bishop
Recently Keith has been expanding his portfolio into still photography. He has been working with models from around the country and the photos are stunning. From natural light to studio set up, Keith is a true artist when it comes to picking the right pose and setting for his photos.

In October of 2011 Keith went on tour with international rock band Hsu-Nami. Traveling from Newark, New Jersey, USA to Shanghai, China, Keith documented Hsu-Nami's trip and live perfomances.

In 2009 Keith completed his second program for cinematography at the New York Film Academy. While attending NYFA Keith worked with many great international filmmakers and produced beautiful short films. Some of those films can be in here: Exit 172 Films.

In 2008 Keith was Assistant Director on the SAG experimental film "Blood, Sweat, & Brando". "Working with Keith as my assistant was invaluable. He help me get over some tough hurdles and pushed me everyday when I was down. He was on top of paper work and made sure I didn't forget a thing" - Producer & Director, John Hedlund

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